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N36 Merchants is a customer-centric supplier of products for healthcare providers.


We serve a diverse customer base and we have one simple goal - efficiently deliver quality products to our customers.

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David A Fishman

Chief Executive Officer

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Our Team

N36 Merchants LLC



David A. Fishman, CEO of N36 Merchants, combined his skills in strategy and financial markets with his family heritage of passion for supporting medical hospitals to create N36 Merchants, a company that is a crucial link between the clinical and operational aspects of healthcare.

David A. Fishman has extensive experience in leadership roles from a background of work in Finance and Hospitality. David comes from a family where the pillars of caring and community support stand out.  Starting with his great-grandfather Samuel Friedland who was one of the founders of Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach, FL. His grandparents Irving and Marjorie Cowan have supported various health programs through their foundations to develop Mount Sinai Medical Center as well as contribute to medical programs at the University of Miami and the Osteoporosis Research Center.  His father, Arthur Fishman M.D., has been an ophthalmologist in Florida since 1987.  He has been head of the Department of Ophthalmology at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines.




To achieve our goals, the N36 Merchants team is made up of a diverse core, ranging from specialists in logistics and distribution, shipping and receiving, and manufacturing production lines, where we manage strategic sourcing and supplier management across the enterprise. 

N36 Merchants believes that diversity is strength. Respecting and appreciating diversity of thought, experience and background helps us improve performance, better understand our customers, and hire and retain top talent. As we become more inclusive, we also become more innovative, increase employee engagement, and enhance customer and shareholder value. 

To achieve excellence in our services, we have healthcare professionals on our team who verify and test the quality of medical products, which drives us to constantly seek out the best suppliers and stay ahead of the curve.

At N36 Merchants our extensive list of leading manufacturers grows daily, located in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. We take supply chain integrity very seriously and are guided by our Supplier Code of Conduct to deliver high quality products.

Our company seeks diverse supplier partners who can provide quality products and services at competitive costs, demonstrate a focus on operational excellence and share our passion for serving our customers.  Maintaining a diverse supplier base stimulates competition, generates innovative thinking and facilitates the exchange of ideas that have the potential to produce solutions of additional value.

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